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Dreams and Reality

Уровень сложности: Mid-level; Challenging

Когда-то я написала этот текст для одного из университетских конкурсов (мне даже призовое место за это дали). Тема была как раз «Dreams and Reality», шел непростой второй курс, но самовыражение на английском вызывало у меня восторг. Я воспользовалась случаем, чтобы сказать все, что есть по теме in the most juicy way I could. Более-менее сложные и интересные слова и фразы переведены, список есть после текста.

Hope you will enjoy reading it!

Life of a student of the faculty of foreign languages isn’t easy. It’s an everyday fight! Fight with piles of homework, one’s laziness, my brother (well, it’s my personal case, but I count it as part of my everyday fight as well).

But there are two more participants. I call them the Realist and the Idealist. These two fellows exist in my head and keep on arguing. The Realist, as you can imagine, represents Reality and the Idealist – the easy-going and dreamy one – Dreams. And each one pulls me in his direction! It can be a real headache (literally too).

But don’t get me wrong. They are not like a little angel on one’s right shoulder vs. a devil on the left one. Believe me, they are worse. More controversial, anyway. The Realist is down to earth and doesn’t take a rose-coloured view of the world, while the Idealist sees no difficulties or obstructions. And when he does see them, he cheerfully proclaims that nothing is impossible! He’s got only one drawback. At times his dreams take me away and as a result I am left with broken hopes… I get disappointed in my fellow Idealist and complain to the Realist who is as reserved, cold and shrewd as ever and says: “I told you so!” Oh, living with these two is tough.

Just listen to their latest dialogue.

“Look, I’m going to take part in that aikido-seminar this weekend.”

Are you nuts? You’ve got to study for your Sports credit.”

“I know that. I’m just going to have to manage with it.”

“And what about the script for the performance you are to write? Your research work? English homework? Let’s face it, you don’t have time for this seminar.”

“Come on, I’m a Caesar and can do many things at a time. I want to chance it. I’m pretty sure I will manage.”

Lame argument. Any other points?”

“The only one — just because I want it.”

By the way, it’s one of the most favourite points of the Idealist. “Because I want so.” The Idealist doesn’t worry if he is going to succeed. I think he doesn’t even care. What gives him a real kick is the process itself. The Challenge. Maybe it’s the only one chance! So go for it Here and Now!

Once fascinated by something new and fresh – idea or person – he has no stop. It’s the Idealist who urges me to sit up all night with a new friend because it feels this person is my soulmate; to write something at night because night brings me to inspiration; to chance things that may seem crazy or unreal or just silly – just because I feel like doing it, — and never look back, never be afraid of making a mistake. “Always do what you are afraid to do” – is the Idealist’s new favourite phrase from Upstream (the textbook).

And the Realist, on the contrary, is always cool-headed. He takes the Idealist back to earth, with his bulletproof stony facts. Facts, facts. “Let’s face Reality,” is what he keeps saying. And I hate when he is right.

You may think I am always on the Idealist’s side. Well, the Realist’s safe line works as best in hard times. It helps me not to lose my head. “Don’t rush, estimate the setup and do your best to handle it with what you’ve got.” But when it comes to dreams and challenges, I feel like being the Idealist.

Anyway, it’s never a final decision on whose side you are. It’s different every time.


P.S. Well, I did go to that seminar. And I did flunk the credit. Even twice.

So the score is 1:0 in the Idealist’s favour. This time. The battle is to be continued and it’s up to you who will be the winner next time. 


controversial — противоречивый

down to earth — практичный и рациональный (но не приземленный!)

to proclaim — заявлять

a drawback — недостаток

shrewd — проницательный

tough — тяжело, тяжко

aikido-seminar — семинар по Айкидо (японское боевое искусство)

to be nuts — сойти и ума, рехнуться

Sports credit — зачет по теме «Спорт»

you are to = you must, you are supposed to

to face it — признать это, взглянуть правде в глаза

Caesar — Цезарь

lame — жалкий

to chance — рискнуть, попробовать наудачу

to urge — подталкивать, торопить

What gives him a real kick — от чего он кайфует; что его действительно приводит в восторг

on the contrary — напротив

bulletproof — пуленепробиваемый

to rush — спешить, «гнать лошадей»

the setup — ситуация; «расклад»

to flunk — провалить (экзамен)

it’s up to you — зависит от тебя

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